Salisbury Plain

Tags: Salisbury Plain, South Georgia

Date: December 5, 2022

The next stop was Salisbury Plain which has lots and lots of fur seals and penguins. In fact there were so many seals that we could not safely get to shore. This time of year, the males on the beach get quite aggressive, so we had to stay in the tenders. Here they are, ready to pick up some guests:

I wonder if Hurtigruten will give us a discount next time for posting this picture:

The beach with king penguins at the water's edge and fur seals further up on the beach. The male seals are the ones sitting with their heads up high guarding their females:

A fur seal in front of our ship:

More king penguins and fur seals on the beaches:

King penguins going into the water:

Penguins swim almost like dolphins in the water:

This is either an Arctic tern or an Antarctic tern:

The two species look quite similar, but the Antarctic tern stays in the antarctic regions year round, while the Arctic tern migrate between from the Arctic to the Antarctic regions. That means they travel around 30,000 km per year and they might be the animal species that gets the most daylight hours.