Brown Bluff

Tags: Antarctica, Brown Bluff

Date: December 11, 2022

Our first landing in Antarctica was at a place called Brown Bluff. It is a region of volcanic rocks with lots of penguins.

This is where we went ashore:

The surrounding land is covered in ice:

A group going to shore:

Adélie penguins on the beach going out to get their morning swim:

They always take a long time to get ready for jumping in the water. It is not because the water is cold, but to seek some protection from predators by being in a big group.

Here they go:

These are gentoo penguins further up the beach:

Some were incubating their eggs while others already had chicks:

At the end of the beach, there was a big colony of Adélie penguins, also with eggs or chicks:

Notice the there are more penguins on the ice-free hills as far as you can see.