Tags: Dominica, Roseau, sailing, Trafalgar falls

Date: January 20, 2017

Our first picture of Dominica:

We moored off the capital Roseau after a whole day sailing from Martinique. The next day we went on a tour of the island. Dominica is a very volcanically active island and is has many hot springs. We visited a beach where hot sulphur smelling water was bubbling up through the sand in the shallow water:

We went through the botanical garden past a baobab tree that had fallen on to of a bus during a hurricane some years back. Fortunately no one was in the bus when it happened and even the tree survived:

A hot spring in the interior of the island:

Dominica is covered in lush, green woods and walking there was fantastic but also quite exhausting because it is so hilly:

A large tree in the woods:

Some sort of large beetle:

In Dominica they say they have 365 rivers, one for each day of the year. Here is one of them:

They also have many waterfalls. Here the Trafalgar Falls called Mother and Father. The Father fall is the taller one.

Picture from our mooring showing some of the neighboring boats and the hills of Dominica in the background: