Tags: Calakmul, Campeche, Maya ruins

Date: March 24, 2019

After our Palenque visit we drove on to Calakmul where we stayed at the same jungle hotel that we'd stayed in at the beginning of our trip. This time, however, we drove 60 km into the jungle to visit the Calakmul archaeological site:

Among a lot of other buildings it has some of the tallest pyramids we have seen:

Here a stele is almost completely engulfed by the trunk of a nearby tree:

Looking from the top of one pyramid towards to the other big one:

Getting ready to climb the second pyramid:

Stele with hieroglyphs carved into the edge of the stone:

Overgrown stone structures:

Lizard resting on the stone corner:

Along the drive from the main road to get the Calakmul site we saw quite a few of these incredibly colorful peacocks:

After the visit to the archaeological site we went back to the "Bat Volcano" to watch another sunset exodus of the bats: