Grey River

Tags: Canada, Grey River, Newfoundland, sailing

Date: August 14, 2017

The south coast of Newfoundland is full of fjords. The first one we went to was Grey River. As we got there, the clouds were hanging low:

This is the only community in the fjord. It is called Grey River like the fjord itself.

A waterfalls coming out of the clouds:

At the far end of the fjord, there was an actual river that we walked up:

The forest was dense next to the river:

The next day the weather was great. At the head of the fjord next to the river was a few houses, probably used for weekend trips and hunting:

On the way out we saw another boat which turned out to be a very rare event for this area:

The same waterfall as above, but now with the top included:

They had a nice little place for a barbecue close to the village of Grey River.