La Hune Bay

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Date: August 15, 2017

After Grey River, we went to La Hune Bay. Instead of going all the way to the head of the fjord, we anchored close to the entrance:

We were not alone: Notice the small yellow tent on the shore in the left of the picture. It turned out to be inhabited by a nice American climber. He had spent two and a half weeks there climbing, kayaking and hiking in the area. During that time we were the only ones to anchor there.

After anchoring, we did our first hike up the mountain:

The landscape around here consists of a relatively flat plateau with steep cliffs down to the fjords. The plateau is at around 300 meters of altitude and continues far to the north.

Here is a lake on the plateau:

Water lilies:

Some rocks, probably left there by the ice after the ice age:

It was hard to see on the pictures above, but it was extremely windy on the plateau during our hike. We hiked a big loop back to an overlook over the bay we were anchored in. This was where a stream from the lake shown above went down the cliffs to the bay in a large waterfall. Except the water did not go down but up because of the wind:

Here is the waterfall photographed from our boat:

The next day, we said goodbye to our new American friend who was headed home. On his suggestion, we took the dinghy to the other side of the bay for another hike.

There used to be a small community there, but now there was just a couple of run down cottages:

There was actually another cottage in much better condition around the corner.

The foundation of one of the original houses:

Over a hill was the cemetery:

We found graves from the 1920's to the early 1960's when the community was abandoned.

Here is a view from above:

The community was located on that small piece of flat land in the middle of the photo. It was quite exposed to the Atlantic with the prevailing south westerly winds coming in the bay in the right of the photo. But I guess it was important to be close to the ocean where the fish were.

Some pictures from the plateau:

On top of the peak in the left of the picture above:

Towards the head of the fjord:

The plateau has many lakes:

We found a few cloudberries:

Felicie at the highest peak in the area at 445 meters of altitude: