Northwest Tenerife

Tags: Canary Islands, caving, Puerto Cruz, San Marcos, Spain, Tenerife

Date: October 28, 2016

We also found a cave to visit on Tenerife, again a lava cave. It is located on some cliffs above a town called San Marcos. It took a while to get to the cave, so we started out with a lunch break shortly after entering:

The cave has two entrances. This one is fenced off since it is in the middle of a banana plantation:

Some pictures from the cave:

In the previous picture you can see some tree roots at the top.

An unusual view out of a cave:

Felicie is climbing back up to the road:

San Marcos:

After the cave trip, we went to the city of Puerto de la Cruz. They have some botanical gardens from 1788. The gardens were used as a place to acclimatize plants from the tropics before bringing them back to Spain.