Under water Exumas

Tags: Bahamas, Exumas, under water

Date: February 16, 2018

Bjarne took some pictures in the clear water while Mark and Anne were visiting in the Exumas.

A hermit crab hiding in a conch shell on the bottom:

A squirrel fish:

A cushion sea star:

A Nassau grouper:

The are good for eating if you can catch them.

A coral:

We don't know what this is, but it looks interesting:

Here is a stingray with a bar jack as companion:

These two fish species often seem to pair up.

A sea anemone:

A Christmas tree worm on a brain coral:

A sergeant major in front of the same coral:

A small yellow stingray, only about 30 cm long:

A bearded fireworm:

Some species of sponge:

A hermit crab in a queen conch shell:

Most shells in the water are either occupied by the original owner, a hermit crab or some other creature.