Exumas with visitors

Tags: Bahamas, Exumas, food, sailing

Date: February 15, 2018

In Goergetown on Great Exuma Island we stocked up on food for a ten days visit by our Danish friends Mark and Anne and their kids Buster and Elva. Here are most of the fruits and vegetables laid out to dry in the cockpit after having been rinsed in chlorinated water:

After the arrival of our guests we sailed to White Bay Cay and visited the pigs that live there:

As was the case last year, the boar made sure he got most of the food we had brought for the pigs and the small ones in the background did not get much:

From White Bay Cay we moved on to other islands in the Exuma chain. Here our guests are all swimming ashore to get to the beach:

At Bitter Guana Cay we all went ashore and got a surprise - a beach full of rock iguanas. You can see two of the to the right of us:

The reason why the iguanas crowd the beach when people are present is that (like the pigs on White Bay Cay) the iguanas are fed by tourists taken on boat trips by local guides so the iguanas expect food when people are present. Here is a rock iguana up close:

A fossilized brain coral on the beach:

The track of a rock iguana in the sand:

From Bitter Guana Cay we moved on to Shroud Cay. Here we took the dinghy up Sanctuary Creek along the mangrove lined central tidal swamp forest of the island all the way to the Eastern side of Shroud Cay. We went took a short walk on the sandy beach. Here is Buster with Mark, Anne and Elva in the background:

Looking towards the creek and the interior of Shroud Cay:

Buster in the water and the rest of the family watching:

We took the short walk up to Camp Driftwood - one of the high points of Shroud Cay with a very nice view:

To the East, the beach and the Atlantic Ocean:

To the West, Sanctuary Creek and the bank in the background:

A giant moth came to visit in the cockpit one night while we were having dinner: