Building of the new Amanda - exterior

Tags: boat building, France

Date: August 4, 2015

As promised, we will post some information about our previous travels as well as our current trip. We will start with the building of the boat and the trip from France to Denmark in the winter of 2015/2016.

We start with a post on the first part of the building process of the new Amanda which was built at the Boréal boat yard in Tréguier in Britanny in France. Here are some of the first pictures from December 2014:

None of the five boats below are Amanda, but it is an impressive row:

A lot of progress is being made on Amanda:

Notice the vertical pipes on the left side in the last picture. All the water intakes are made with pipes lead above the waterline so if a valve fails, water will not flood the boat.

Even further in the process:

Painting aluminium is very difficult, so Boréal boats are not painted at the yard, but in a separate location. So Amanda went for her first trip on a truck:

And back again from the painters wrapped in plastic for protection ("Breiz" means Brittany in the local Breton language):