Andros with visitors

Tags: Andros, Bahamas, Congo Town, food, Gibson Cay, sailing

Date: March 22, 2018

Our friends, Ulrik and Rikke with their kids Markus and Leon joined us in the Bahamas and we spent eight days with them around Andros. Here is Leon having a smoothie while we're sailing:

We caught some fish while at anchor next to Gibson Cay in the middle bight of Andros. This is a crevalle jack:

Ulrik is cleaning our catch for lunch the next day:

Bjarne and Ulrik got to do some cave diving as well. Here is the dinghy loaded up with diving gear before a dive:

We got lucky again and caught some lobsters:

We spent the last couple of days close to the beach off Congo Town on South Andros:

In Congo Town, we said goodbye to our guests at the airport. It used to be an international airport but now it seems to only have national flights, maybe only to Nassau. You can see the airport building in the background and the landing strip on the right behind the cars: