Chiapa de Corzo and El Chorreadero cave

Tags: caving, Chiapa de Corzo, Chiapas, Mexico

Date: March 15, 2019

Yet again, we found a nice hotel to stay in. Here is the pool and a nice view to the mountains:

Then it was on to Chipa de Corzo which is a nice old town with a long Spanish influence.

Here is a fountain built around a spring in the center plaza of the town:

The exact date it was built is unknown but it did exist in 1562. In 1545, the first work on the cathedral was started:

The cathedral itself seems to be in pretty bad shape. This is a courtyard next to the cathedral (the building to the right in the picture above):

Many towns around here a dressed for festivities:

And the houses themselves are often quite festive:

Not far from town was a cave called El Chorreadero:

This is as far as we went:

The picture is taken with the natural light from the entrance. The cave is around 3-4 kms long and has an entrance in both ends. The height difference is 345 meters, so quite a bit of climbing or rapelling is needed to go through it.

We also went for a walk up a river bed with steep sides outside the cave: