Rancho Nuevo

Tags: caving, Chiapas, food, Mexico, Rancho Nuevo

Date: March 16, 2019

Next stop was the city of San Cristóbal, but on the way we stopped at a place called "Rancho Nuevo". We didn't know much about it except that there were some caves and a few stalls with food.

It turned out that there were more than a few food stalls:

There was a really nice atmosphere in Rancho Nuevo and it seemed that almost all of the visitors were Mexican, except us.

As our clothing suggests, it is quite chilly in this area. It is because we are in about 2300 meters of altitude, so it is only around 16 degrees Celsius.

They also had a little shrine with figures of the Virgin Mary protected by a classy Pepsi tent:

The main cave had a lighted section where you could walk on your own. It was quite spectacular:

In the deepest section of the cave, you had to pay a little extra to get a helmet and a light. This section was nice, but not as big and bright as the outer section. This is the only picture from the deep section:

On our way out again, we met some other people in one of the widest parts. Quite a bit of construction had been made to accommodate the tourists:

Nice ceiling:

After going to the main cave, we also went to a smaller one, that was also very nicely decorated:

Here is Thea and Felicie:

Thea also took a picture of us in that cave:

Back above ground: