To Florida

Tags: Biscayne Bay, Florida, Miami, sailing, USA

Date: May 13, 2018

After dropping off our guests at New Providence, we spent a week at the Berry Islands and a few days at Bimini before heading to Florida. We made landfall in Miami and stayed in a downtown marina. This was the view on a partly cloudy night:

After a couple of days in Miami, enjoying the restaurants and well stocked supermarkets, we headed out into the Biscayne Bay, Florida. Most of the Bay is a National Park and we anchored at a couple of islands but only went ashore once due to the millions of mosquitoes attacking us as soon as we came close to shore. Instead we took a dinghy ride in the mangrove lined canals between the small islands:

We saw quite a few herons perched in the trees:

On to something completely different! We left Amanda in a marina on Marathon Key and went on a trip to Gainesville. On the way there we spent the night at a hotel in Kissimmee right next to the world's largest orange. Here it is:

While in Gainesville we spent time with our friends in the area. Here is FĂ©licie on a trail in the O'Leno State Park with our friend Todd in the background:

More pictures from the O'leno State Park