To Mexico

Tags: Mexico, Puerto Aventuras, sailing, Yucatan

Date: June 5, 2018

We sailed directly from the Dry Tortugas to Isla Mujeres in Mexico, off the coast of Cancun. During the trip which brought us close to the coast of Cuba we did not see other sailboats but passed several freighters. As we rounded the North coast of Isla Mujeres the waters were suddenly teeming with boats: ferries to and from Cancun, tour catamarans full of tourists, small motor boats and a few sailboats. The island also has quite a few hotels:

At Isla Mujeres we stayed in a marina from which we could do the clearance with the Mexican immigration and customs authorities. From our spot in the marina we could see and hear the party catamarans full of people speeding by several times a day:

After finishing all the paper work we left Isla Mujeres to head to Puerto Aventuras, about a day's sailing away. On the way we passed the hotel and resort district of Cancun:

We arrived at Puerto Aventuras just as the sun was setting and the harbourmaster was waiting for us to bid us welcome. Here is Amanda at her home for the next six months. Our apartment is in the yellow buildings behind the trees in the right part of the picture:

Here is our route from Nassau in the Bahamas, through south Florida to Puerto Aventuras in Mexico: