The big trip: Leaving Aarhus

Tags: Aarhus, Denmark, Germany, Kiel Canal, sailing

Date: August 31, 2016

The new blog is finally ready. We will start off with some posts about our big trip which started at the end of August. Later on, we will add posts about this trip, but also about previous trips.

We are finally ready to go on the big trip. We spent ten days in Marselisborg marina after the trip to the Baltic Sea. We were busy getting things ready and meeting friends and family. Here are a couple of pictures from the marina:

Leaving Aarhus on August 29:

We spent a night anchored off the island of Als and then went to Kiel. On the way we saw this nice ship:

As we have done before, we spent the night in Rendsburg on the Kiel Canal:

A few pictures from the second day on the Kiel Canal:

The last lock before reaching the North Sea:

Sunset off the north German coast:

As you can see, the weather was quiet, so we motored the whole way to Holland and kept going on the canals to the town of Leeuwarden: