Tréguier - again

Tags: France, sailing, Tréguier

Date: September 18, 2016

Now, back to this summer. From Guernsey we sailed to Tréguier in France, where Amanda was built. Tréguier is a town on the bank of the Tréguier river so to get there we had to sail up the river:

The tidal range of the Tréguier river is great - up to 10 m - so the current is very strong at times. Therefore, it is important to arrive and depart from Tréguier at the right time. However, the river is quite idyllic:

Here is Amanda, moored at the Tréguier marina, next to three other Boréal boats:

Here we are, together with the owners and crew of Mira Polaris and Cheglia celebrating the baptism of Cheglia:

After a few days in Tréguier, stocking up on French delicacies and eating crêpes at the local crêperies, we left the town sailing the down the river towards the sea again:

The lighthouse at the exit of the Tréguier river:

Funnily enough it has only been painted on the side facing the marked channel: