Under water Anguilla

Tags: Anguilla, under water

Date: November 22, 2017

You may remember that Bjarne got an under water camera when we were in Florida in May. Now we are finally in some nice water, where we can try it out.

There was an under water pipe close to where we anchored in Crocus Bay:

As you can see, the visibility was not great, but it was good enough for some close ups.

Felicie is snorkeling further along the coast, where the water is a little more clear:

The images shown here are from both places.

Various sponges and corals:

With a macro lens:

Christmas tree worms:

A brain coral:

More macro shots:

These are lionfish:

It is an invasive species in the Caribbean. It originally comes from the Pacific Ocean.

Here is a juvenile queen angelfish:

Not all tropical fish are colorful. Here is a rock hind:

A squirrelfish:

A small moray eel:

Tropical shrimp are often colorful:

A sea cucumber:

Here is a cuttlefish:

It was in a school of nine individuals that swam back and forth in formation.

A close up of a fireworm:

It stings if you touch it (which we didn't).

This type of sea urchin tends to collect shells and other stuff:

An unusual white one:

Finally, a small flamingo toungue snail on a fan of some sort: