Life on Rio Dulce

Tags: Guatemala, Rio Dulce

Date: December 10, 2019

Amanda at the dock where we are staying in the cabin we rented on the Rio Dulce:

Since there are no roads, every time we're going somewhere we go by motor boat, a so called Lancha:

Views from the lancha:

There are many of these water lilies on the Rio Dulce:

A kind of water hen running on top of the water lily leaves:

We went on a hike along the tracks of a cattle ranch. Here is a cow from there with some of the longest ears we have ever seen:

This is the palm tree that they use locally to make the roofs of buildings:

The view of the ranch along the track we were following:

A large egret:

A rather shy but at the same time curious herds of cows looking at us:

Ar our cabin on Rio Dulce we had a visit from our friends Philip and Michelle on their boat Sancerre:

They had their daughter, son and his girlfriend visiting, so FĂ©licie baked two cakes to make sure we had enough. A few days after visiting us, they left for the Bay Islands in Honduras.

Not all our visitor were as welcome. Here is big spider spider in our bed: