Kayaking from Finca Tatin

Tags: Guatemala, Rio Dulce, Rio Lampara, Rio Tatin

Date: December 12, 2019

While we were at Finca Tatin we went on a couple of kayaking trips. The first one was on Rio Tatin:

Our second and longer trip went up Rio Lampara, another of the tributaries of Rio Dulce. It was both longer and wider than Rio Tatin and ends close to a water fall. The river bank is very lush and green:

Lots of these water lilies are growing in the water:

A local guy overtaking us in his canoe:

When we got closer to the water fall we got out of the kayak to hike the last 20 minutes to see it. The flow of water was quite high because it had been raining hard the previous night:

Fungus growing on a decaying piece of wood next to the water fall: