L'Aber Wrach and Ushant

Tags: Aber Wrac'h, France, sailing, Ushant

Date: September 26, 2016

After Île de Batz, we went to a place called L'Aber Wrach which is in an estuary of a river further west. As a last stop in France, we went to Ushant which is an island off the tip of Brittany. Here is a map of our route from Alderney, then Guernsey, Tréguier, Île de Batz, L'Aber Wrach and finally Ushant:

Close to L'Aber Wrach, we saw this channel marker:

The colors (black-yellow-black) indicate that one should pass the marker to the east. Most markers are named and in many places the names are rather dull, like "E7", but this on is called "Petit pot de beurre" which means something like like "The little pot of butter".

They have large mussel farms around here:

Next stop was Ushant. Here are some pictures from a couple of walks we did:

White houses with blue fences and shutters are common because that way people could use the same paint for their houses as they did for their fishing boats:

This is the side of a nice restaurant where we had lunch:

Notice how the window is included in the painting.

Dramatic view close to our anchorage:

Here we are anchored to the right in the bay on the east side of Ushant.

Notice the big ship in the background. It is a border patrol ship and they came over and checked our papers.

One day we got a big shock as a large dolphin jumped out of the water right next to our dinghy on the way back to Amanda. Here, you can see the fin:

It is a curious one:

It turns out that the dolphin really liked the sound of engines, so when we used the main engine or the engine on the dinghy it would often show up. It was probably hoping that we just came back from a fishing trip which might yield some leftovers. It would stay around for a while and come really close and look at us.