Tags: Cascais, Lisbon, Portugal, sailing

Date: October 8, 2016

After Spain, we went to Cascais in south west Portugal. Cascais is easy to get to on the coast and is close enough to Lisbon that there is a train every 20 minutes that takes half an hour to get there. Cascais is a nice old town with a big marina.

There was a lot of boat races going on around here. Here is a row of racing boats that went out sailing while we were there:

We only ended up staying in Cascais for two nights since the weather forecast looked good to continue south, but gave us no chance to stay around for too long. So we didn't see too much. We took the train to Lisbon and stayed there for an afternoon. We didn't see any particular sights or museums, but just walked around and had a nice lunch. We enjoyed the city a lot and were impressed with the steep streets. Here are some pictures:

This looked like an important building:

When we left, we saw some large racing boats:

Notice all the people on the side of the boat adding weight to get the boat to stand up more, giving more wind in the sail. There is a great English word for such people: "rail meat".