Lighthouse Reef under water

Tags: Belize, diving, Lighthouse Reef, under water

Date: February 16, 2019

At Lighthouse Reef, we spent a lot of time anchored near the western edge of the atoll. We were perfectly placed for diving, with the boat located right next to a coral reef. The reef was around 50 meters wide before it reached a steep drop off into unknown depths.

Probably a brown tube sponge:

Maybe a pink vase sponge:

This is an indigo hamlet:

Interestingly, we see lots of these in Belize, but have not seen them before in the Caribbean.

Yet another picture of a brain coral:

An unknown coral:

Probably an azure vase sponge on the right:

Blue chromis is a small and abundant fish around here:

These foureye butterfly fish often swim in pairs:

Damselfish are often aggressive and territorial. This is a threespot damselfish which was happy to pose for the camera:

Did you notice the flamingo tongue snail in the top left of the picture?

A yellow tube sponge:

Sometimes animals hide in the tube sponges. You can just see a small fish in this one:

This is a french grunt:

Another unknown coral:

Felicie enjoying herself:

On all the reefs in Belize we have seen large schools of creole wrasses:

The reefs around here are made up of huge formations, sometimes 5 meters tall. Here is the top of the one in the picture above after all the fish left:

More corals:

Stingrays mostly swim on sandy bottoms, but this one is on its way up a large coral formation:

Felicie sees something interesting:

A tube sponge of some sort: