Lighthouse Reef under water II

Tags: Belize, Lighthouse Reef, under water

Date: February 18, 2019

As mentioned in the last post, we spent a lot of time anchored next to a reef at Lighthouse Reef, so here a some more pictures.

A pink vase sponge:

Probably a knobby cactus coral:

A fairy basslet:

Maybe a branching tube sponge:

Two queen angelfish:

Notice the crown on top of their heads (hence their name):

Maybe a lettuce coral:

A large green moray eel:

It was over a meter long and around 15 cm in diameter.

An azure vase sponge:

An indigo hamlet:

Suddenly, a big spotted eagle ray swam by:

Notice all the fish following the ray:

The big ones are probably sharksuckers, while the small ones on top in the other pictures are whitefin sharksuckers.

Off into the blue over the wall at the edge of the reef:

A small smooth trunkfish:

Again, a school of creole wrasses:

A princess parrotfish:

A young stoplight parrotfish:

Interestingly, they change their color scheme completely when they reach maturity. That applies for many of the parrotfish species, making it difficult to remember them all since they each have around three completely different variants.

A sand diver: