Checking out of Belize

Tags: Belize, sailing, San Pedro

Date: February 28, 2019

We almost forgot our very last post on Belize, but here it is.

After our stay at Lighthouse Reef, we sailed to San Pedro to check out of Belize. The long barrier reef is about one km from the town and there is a cut in the reef, so we could sail in behind the reef and anchor in front of town. The reef calms the waves from the ocean, so it is nice to anchor there.

Here are some pictures of the town:

A lot of dive boat go out from here. The big flags in this picture are dive flags:

We stayed a couple of days and then checked out. After that, we started our trip back to Mexico. On the first day, Bjarne was resting below and Felicie saw some dolphins in the distance. It is always fun to see dolphins, so we both got out to look. They were darker than they usually are and they were also bigger. When they got close, it turned out that they were actually small whales. They acted like dolphins, though, swimming right next to the boat and under it. They also broke the surface with their dorsal fins like dolphins do. So that was a really good start to a three day sail back to Puerto Aventuras. Unfortunately, we enjoyed them so much that we didn't take any pictures.