Tags: food, Maine, Portsmouth, sailing, USA

Date: June 21, 2017

From Boston we sailed to Portsmouth located on a river at the border between New Hampshire and Maine. On the Maine side of the river we passed this stately building which is actually the oldest naval shipyard in the US, buillt in 1800:

After the hot days in Boston the weather turned cool and foggy with occational rain:

Almost everywhere we went in Maine there are houses built on the coast, so a lot of the coastline is private land. That meant that we could not often go ashore but would have to stay on the boat when we were at anchor:

Low-lying fog over an island:

On Cross River we did find a place to take the dinghy ashore and go for at small hike. It was a lovely forest - apart from the hundreds of mosquitos - with this lovely lady slippers orchid:

Karen Luise and Félicie in the wood:

View over the river from the wood:

Part of the river at low tide:

A lobster fisher checking on his lobster pots:

From Cross River we went to Hodgdon Island and visited the botanical gardens there:

A yellow peony:

Water lillies:

More of the lady slippers orchids - but this time in the botanical gardens:

After the visit to the botanical gardens we dropped by at the local country store and lobster central:

They did not have a great variety of food for sale at the country store but they did sell live lobsters, so we bought a couple for our dinner that night:

Waiting for the pot:

Both lobsters cooked and waiting to be turned into Homard a l'americaine - a classic recipe from Félicie's family:

A nice anchorage: