Puerto Aventuras

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Date: June 11, 2018

This is the view from the balcony of our apartment towards Amanda. It is possible to spot her through the palm leaves in the middle of the picture:

Most of the boats in Puerto Aventura Marina are fishing boats, either private boats owned by residents in Puerto Aventuras or tour boats that take tourists out fishing for the day:

We were surprised by the number of wild animals living in Puerto Aventuras. A list of animals we have seen within a few meters of our apartment includes pelicans, frigate birds, hummingbirds, woodpeckers and several to us unknown colorful birds, land crabs, lizards, iguanas, agoutis (more about them later), raccoons and spider monkeys. We think it might due to combination of easily accessible food, the abundance of vegetation in Puerto Aventuras and the proximity to the jungle (just across the road from the town). Here are a few pelicans:

A frigate bird:

An agouti is a rodent that looks a bit like a large guinea pig. It is native to most of Middle and South America. They seem to mostly night active but we do often see them during the day. They are quite cute and supposedly very tasty, too, though we have not had the chance to taste them yet:

Every once in a while we see spider monkeys. Here is only that spent quite some time rolling around on the lawn beneath our balcony. It didn't leave until after it almost got into a fight with the agouti that just entered the picture in the upper right corner:

In addition to the wild animals in Puerto Aventuras, there a also dolphins, manatees and sea lions. These give shows to the tourists several times a day - not the manatees, obviously, since they don't seem to do anything other than float around and eat lettuce. Here are a few pictures from the sea lion basin:

It isn't all fun and games and taking pictures of animals in Puerto Aventuras. Quite a few boat projects also have to be done. Here, we are removing the dinghy from the boat as part of our preparations for the hurricane season: The harbormaster and one of the security guards helped us carry the dinghy up to our apartment. We used a golf cart to carry one end of the dinghy:

Bjarne also installed new and larger solar panels to the boat:

And he sewed a window cover for the doghouse windscreen: