Trip to the USA

Tags: Longwood Gardens, Maryland, USA

Date: October 29, 2018

At the end of October and beginning of November we went on a trip to the Northeast US. We started out near Washington DC and then went to Annapolis visiting friends we made the year before when we were in that area with Amanda (see "Chesapeake Bay" post). After a few days we drove to from Annapolis to Philadelphia. On the way we stopped in Susquehanna State Park and went for a walk. Apart from some nice hiking trails the park also had several old buildings. This is the Carter-Archer Mansion:

It was built in 1804 by John Carter who died a year later and the mansion passed to Dr. John Archer Jr., who was a family member of Carter's business partner. One of Archer's sons was James J. Archer who became a brigadier general in the Confederate Army.

We also stopped at Longwood Gardens and saw their impressive and slightly kitschy chrysanthemum (or just "mum" as they say around here) exhibition that they have every year in the fall and that they seem to prepare for a very long time, growing the plants and shaping them and making sure they will be in bloom at the right time, obviously. Here are some pictures from the conservatory harboring the exhibition:

It wasn't all "mums", here is a gallery with rice paper lamps:

Felicie in front of a green "wall":

After spending a couple of days in Philadelphia, where we ate a lot of good food and saw the Benjamin Franklin museum we went on by train to New York City, where we were meeting Bjarne's family to watch some of them running the NY marathon (more about that in the next post).