La Palma

Tags: Canary Islands, caving, La Palma

Date: November 5, 2016

The final island we visited in the Canary Islands was the island of La Palma. It is a little confusing since Las Palmas on Gran Canaria is a city. Las Palmas is not just a city, it is one of the capitals. But the Canary Islands have two capitals, the other being Santa Cruz on Tenerife. To confuse things a little more, we went to the city of Santa Cruz on La Palma.

Here is a map of our trip through the islands starting from Lanzarote, then a quick stop in Gran Canaria, on to Tenerife and then La Gomera and La Palma:

You can see Africa on the right with part of Morocco at the top and part of Western Sahara on the bottom. Morocco claims that Western Sahara is part of Morocco, but that claim is not supported by many other countries. Western Sahara is very sparsely populated: On Wikipedia, it is number 240 on a list of 246 countries and territories in terms of population density. The population density of Denmark is 60 times higher. The last entry on the list is Greenland which has a hundred times lower population density than Western Sahara.

Back to La Palma. This is Santa Cruz seen from the hills:

Again, we found some caves and we managed to get Maria on a caving trip. Here Felicie is squeezing through a small place:

After Maria left the day after, we went for a walk in the hills. These are avocado trees:

A nice place for a phone conversation, except for the bad weather approaching:

A small overhang in the cliffs that were kept as a religious shrine - one of several shrines we saw during our walk:

La Palma has nice forests too: