Tags: Boavista, Cape Verde, Sal Rei

Date: November 17, 2016

After Sal we went to the island of Boavista (also spelled Boa Vista). We anchored at a town called Sal Rei which was big enough to have some shops. There were some tourists here as well which allowed for a number of restaurants.

This is how it looks:

Some local wildlife:

The spider has caught a big beetle.

There were many grasshoppers. Here is a nice looking one:

These ones did not like to be photographed, but there were lots of them and they were big:

We took a taxi to the far end of the most fertile valley on the island. From there we went on a long walk out to the coast and back. The landscape is quite dry:

Here you can see a lighthouse in the distance:

We made it to the lighthouse:

The lighthouse was not functional any more (this can be said of many lighthouses in Cape Verde). But the view was great. Here is the way we came:

And the coast:

Walking down towards the coast we found these strange formations in the sand:

They must be old corals. A turtle skull:

Finally at the beach:

By accident, the camera was in artistic mode, so the colors are a little overdone.

Funny crabs on the beach:

Here is the view as we got close to the fertile valley again:

It is not all that fertile but compared to most other places we have seen in Cape Verde, it is a lot greener.