Rencontre West and Hare Bay

Tags: Canada, food, Hare Bay, Newfoundland, Rencontre West, sailing

Date: August 21, 2017

We went on to Rencontre Bay and anchored off The Cove, an old settlement where a few houses are still in use as summer houses:

We went for a walk, past the houses and up along a trail that leads to the other, now abandoned settlement in Recontre Bay, called New Harbor. We did not make it all the way because the trail was very faint and we were not sure we were going the right way. We did get far enough to get a nice picture of Amanda and The Cove:

Here we found lots of blueberries:

Felicie made an almond cream blueberry tart:

The next day we left and sailed into Hare Bay. The cliff sides of the bay were unfortunately mostly hidden by the fog:

We anchored in the bottom of Morgan Arm and the next day we made it up to the edge of the cliffs:

You can see our dinghy in the bottom of the picture.

Then we further up the plateau:

And further up the plateau. Here we could see the entrance hole of Hare Bay in the distance:

Amanda at anchor at the bottom:

Some windy weather was approaching so we moved to the more protected Northwest Arm of Hare Bay. While the weather was still good we went for a ride in the dinghy to the bottom of the Northwest Arm. We passed a nice river on the way:

We walked/climbed a little way up the waterfall:

Back at the boat, we had blueberry icecream made of some of the berries we picked in Rencontre Bay:

We had a whole day and night of windy and rainy weather but then the sun came out again. We went for a dignhy ride again to see how much water was flowing out of the waterfalls compared to before all the rain. We passed a nice-looking house, probably a summer house/fishing/hunting cabin:

One of the waterfalls around the Northwest Arm:

The two following pictures are from the river where we walked up and had lunch two days earlier. Only the large rock in the middle is above water whereas two days before almost all the rocks were dry:

Another waterfall in Hare Bay as we sail out of the bay:

A closeup of the previous waterfall: