The last of Newfoundland

Tags: Canada, Devil's Bay, food, New Harbour, Newfoundland, sailing

Date: August 27, 2017

Hare Bay was our turning point so we went back to Recontre Bay but this time we anchored by the abandoned New Harbor settlement. We went ashore and walked among the few ruins of the settlement:

In the background are the remains of a dock where the fishing boats could unload their catch.

We found lots of glass and porcelain pieces on the beach but most importantly we found raspberries, too:

While we were waiting for the right weather to sail from Newfoundland back to Nova Scotia we visited the neighboring Devil's Bay. Here is the entrance to bay:

we went for a short walk up a stream and onto a field of large boulders:

However, it was quite difficult and hard work to get over the boulders so we did not go very far. Here is the view of the stream at the bottom of the valley:

The cliffs of Devil's Bay as we are leaving for the sail back to Nova Scotia:

At the Bay entrance we stopped shortly for Bjarne to catch some cod:

Within 10 minutes we had three nice cod. Here is proud fisherman with one of them:

Not much happened on the 58 hr crossing from Devil's Bay in Newfoundland to Halifax in Nove Scotia but we did see a large ocean sunfish close up: