Yaxchilan I

Tags: Chiapas, Maya ruins, Mexico, Yaxchilan

Date: March 19, 2019

It was time to see some Maya ruins again. The goal was Yaxchilan which is quite remote. After a long drive, we got to the town of Frontera Corozal where we yet again stayed at a really nice hotel with huts for the guests. Frontera Corozal is on the bank of the large Usumacinta River which defines part of the border between Mexico and Guatemala. Yaxchilan is located about 18 km down the river on the Mexican shore.

To get there, we went by a fast boat:

There were a few crocodiles on the river banks. Here is a big one:

More nice views from the boat:

After about half an hour, we got to the site of Yaxchilan.

Given the circumstances, there were not very many visitors. It was a big site with several areas to see. This is called the Great Plaza:

There are figures and inscriptions above many of the doors:

The large stones called "Steles" are usually standing in various places at these Maya sites. Here is part of one the was lying down:

You can very clearly see the hieroglyphs that the Mayas used.

It turns out that there is a reason that it was lying down. A plaque next to it said: "Following a failed attempt to take it to Mexico City's National Museum of Anthropology in 1964, and yet more misadventures on the Usumacinta River, it was returned and is today found at this site." It sounds like someone had a bad day...

The site also had some caves and a formation was on display with Maya engravings at the lowest part:

A big group of howler monkeys were roaming the treetops: