Around Puerto Aventuras

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Date: August 15, 2020

Like so many other sailors around the world, we also got stuck in the coronavirus crisis. In March we ended up sailing from the Cayman Islands back to Puerto Aventuras in Mexico where we also stayed the last two summers. It is nice to be in a place we know surrounded by friends. Compared to most other places, we have a lot of freedom here, but we still spend most of our time inside Puerto Aventuras.

As you will see from this post, Puerto Aventuras is not the worst place to be stuck. One day, there was a halo around the sun:

Even though the halo is formed by ice crystals high in the atmosphere, it was still a hot day and as the summer progressed, the weather got hotter and hotter.

We had a few short but sudden local storms. Here is an impressive pile of branches and leaves collected by the gardeners just in our apartment complex:

This tree on the left was also a victim of the storm:

Here is our local beach:

Some shallow limestone with fossilized coral:

Amanda safely docked:

Many people use golf carts to get around. Here is one of the more fancy looking ones:

This vehicle is used to bring out products from the local grocery store:

We are staying in a densely built part of Puerto Aventuras, but we sometimes walk out to an area that is not very built up yet. Out there, many houses have private docks:

Only the marina basin has been developed here:

Some of the private docks:

This house was just finished:

At the furthest end of Puerto Aventuras, there are some trails with mangroves:

We haven't seen any crocodiles out there, but apparently they are around:

More fossilized coral:

There is even a post-classic Maya ruin, so probably from around year 1,500: