Animals in Puerto Aventuras

Tags: Mexico, Puerto Aventuras

Date: August 15, 2020

Puerto Aventuras is full of animals. They have sea lions, dolphins and manatees that tourists can come and see. Here is one of the sea lions when it is off duty:

Felicie is looking at the dolphins:

The tall net is only put in when a hurricane is on the way and there is a risk of the water level rising. They don't want the dolphins to swim off in that case. So far all the hurricanes changed course before coming here, so we haven't had any problems with them.

We often see the trainers work with the dolphins, teaching them all sorts of tricks and jumps. Each dolphin has its own lunch-box full of fish in the form of an ice chest with its name on it. Every time the dolphins do something right, they get fish. That is if the pelicans are not too fast and get them first.

Even when no trainers are around, the dolphins sometimes play ball. Here is one throwing the ball:

They also dive with the ball. They make a good strong dive to get it under water.

They can also throw the ball and catch it again.

There are lots of wild animals around too. Here is a frigate bird, high in the sky:

A big lizard near the market place:

Not all animals are equally lucky:

There are lots of these so-called agoutis around:

That was the mother watching its offspring:

The eat the small red fruit that you can see.

A bird's nest safely located at the end of a branch:

There are lots of hermit crabs around:

Another lizard:

This is probably a young individual of a kind that grows quite big.