New York Marathon

Tags: marathon, New York, USA

Date: November 6, 2018

We went to New York to meet Thomas, Charlotte and Thomas' and Bjarne's mother. Thomas and Charlotte were running the big marathon. However, we also had time to visit Central Park and take in the view of the skyscrapers:

... and the autumn leaves:

Thomas and Charlotte out for a training run a couple of days before the race:

Finally, it was race day. With the help of the Danish marathon travel guides, we found a perfect spot for watching at around 26 km when the runners head north on Manhattan.

The professional women arrived before the men (but they also started first). Here are the leaders:

Mary Keitany from Kenya in the middle ended up winning in 2:22:48.

Later, the professional men showed up:

The guy in front is Shura Kitata from Ethiopia and he ended up in a sprint finish with Lelisa Desisa also from Ethiopia. He is the one in the middle of this group in the same outfit as the leader. Desisa ended up winning in 2:05:59.

A closeup of another professional:

Later on, the age group runners showed up:

Thomas is doing good:

Charlotte too:

This is near the finish in Central Park:

Thomas finished in 3:20:08 which was number 457 of 4,697 in his age group. Charlotte finished in 3:40:39 which was number 175 out of 2,997 in her age group. So both really impressive results.

We of course celebrated the results with a nice dinner and a couple of days later, we went to the m&m store in Times Square. Here, Charlotte is being measured to figure out what kind of m&m she is:

And the result is "cream". I am not sure she agreed.

The m&m store is a very classy place...