Ptarmigan Lake

Tags: Colorado, hiking, Ptarmigan Lake

Date: September 17, 2020

It was time for a slightly more relaxing day, so starting at 3,270 meters of elevation, we went up to Ptarmigan Lake at 3,700 meters.

The trail starts off by going through several rock slides:

The trunks of some of the pine trees were very twisted which can't be ideal for timber. It is very evident on this tree that has been burnt:

Before reaching Ptarmigan Lake, we came across a couple of smaller lakes:

Felicie making her way up to the pass above Ptarmigan Lake at 3,700 meters of elevation:

Finally, we got to the pass at 3,740 meters:

A look down the next valley:

Going back down, we came across another beautiful lake:

Another view on the way down:

Back down among the trees: