Tags: Maya ruins, Mexico, Yaxuná

Date: September 30, 2020

The Maya city of Yaxuná is located about 18 km south of Chichen Itza. It was maybe not quite as large as Chichen Itza, but still pretty significant. The restoration of the structures is very rudimentary, especially compared to Chitchen Itza, but it is a very interesting site, nevertheless.

Here are a couple of the structures:

A few cattle were roaming the ruins. This one came over to say hello:

Yaxuná was probably settled before 300 BC, so is older than Chichen Itza. At some point between year 600 and 800 AD, while Chichen Itza was still an insignificant power in the region, Yaxuná was conquered by Coba. A 100 km long road (Sacbe in Mayan) was built to connect the two cities. It is thought to be the longest Sacbe built. This may be the start of it:

Later, the power of Chichen Itza rose and war broke out between Coba and Chichen Itza. Around the year 950, Coba lost Yaxuná to Chichen Itza and Yaxuná was mostly destroyed. It never recovered its status after that.

More structures:

The small hills in the distance here are probably also buildings:

The obligatory ballcourt:

This was probably a large pyramid:

A temple:

Close to the entrance, there was a very overgrown, tall hill, which was probably also a large pyramid. Felicie is looking back on the way up:

View from the top of the hill: