West Point Island

Tags: Falkland Islands, West Point Island

Date: November 29, 2022

A couple of upland geese with their goslings:

The male is the white goose on the right and the female is the one on the left.

Our cruise ship Fram in the little bay off West Point Island:

In front of Fram is a small sailing vessel owned by the couple who lives on West Point Island. The boat is about 30 ft and made of wood and the owners has sailed it to South Georgia several times, once staying at that remote place for over a year.

We walked up from the bay, passing the farmhouse and outbuildings with large areas of flowering gorse in the background:

Black-browed albatross sitting on the rocks surrounded by grass tussocks:

Flying black-browed albatross:

Here, we're all standing, looking at and taking pictures of albatrosses and rockhopper penguins:

A look down the dramatic canyon where the albatross and penguins are perched:

More black-browed albatrosses but this time interspersed with rockhopper penguins jumping around:

Proud kelp goose parents watching over their five goslings:

The goslings finding a small watering hole and jumping in one by one:

All five of them now in the water:

The couple living on the island had all of us over for coffee/tea and homemade cakes and cookies: