Drake Bay

Tags: Costa Rica, Drake Bay, sailing

Date: March 28, 2023

Our next stop was Drake Bay which is quite a backpacker destination. A couple of pictures from our anchorage:

There was a nice long trail along the coast. Here, Bjarne is crossing a river on a quite rickety hanging bridge:

The coast is a mix between sand beaches and rocks:

An interesting palm tree:

We saw several different kinds of lizards:

This part of Costa Rica has many macaws. They are a little difficult to photograph when they sit in the trees, but at least they are not shy. They just carry on eating nuts and berries while we try to get a good picture. Here is the best we could do:

Another nice beach:

The jungle is very pretty and exotic in places:

We reached the point where Rio Claro enters the ocean:

At the shore of the river we found a sign with a whistle attached. The sign said to blow the whistle and then a small boat would pick you up and take you to the other side for 2 USD per person.

Instead we walked up a high hill into the jungle:

This was the view from the top:

At the top we reached a dirt road that did not seem to be used much. Some ants are taking over:

We often see leaf cutter ants in the jungle, but these ones are carrying small yellow flowers:

We have seen that a couple of times with different types of flowers being carried.