Birds of Monteverde

Tags: Bajo Del Tigre, Costa Rica, Curi Cancha, Monteverde, Monteverde Cloud Forest, San Gerardo Station, Valle Escondido

Date: April 15, 2023

We had a hard time getting close enough to animals to be able to take good pictures. In this post we have assembled the very best ones we took of birds on our trip.

A black guan, only found in the cloud forests of Costa Rica and Panama:

We saw them several times around Monteverde. This might be a southern brown jay that was watching us while we took a break:

This is some kind of oriole, maybe a Baltimore oriole:

As the name implies, this species spend summers in northeast USA and Canada, but the come down to Central America in the wintertime. In fact it is the state bird of Maryland.

Birds' nests hanging from a tree:

We have not been able to identify the birds on the two following pictures:

This is a bird in the toucan family, probably an emerald toucanet:

This is most likely a Lesson's motmot:

The name motmot describes the sound the birds make. Here is another photo of a Lesson's motmot, where the colors of the plumage are more visible: