Huatulco to Zihuatanejo

Tags: Guerrero, Mexico, Zihuatanejo, sailing

Date: November 19, 2023

We left the Bahías de Huatulco and did a three-day sail further along the Pacific coast of Mexico. During the trip we had a small visitor taking a break:

Not much happened, but we had some beautiful sunsets:

Another bird resting, this time a brown booby on a floating branch:

Another dramatic sunset:

Then the sunrise on the last day:

As we got closer to our destination we could see land, islands in front of hazy mountains with even hazier mountains behind:

Here we are approaching the Bay of Zihuatenejo in the state of Guerrero:

It is a large beautiful bay surrounded by mountains and with the town of Zihuatenejo situated at the head of the bay with houses spreading up into the hills rising behind it.

Large villas perched on the cliffs at the outskirts of town, seen in the morning sun:

More perched houses:

View of the beach front of Zihuatenejo from our anchorage: