San Evaristo

Tags: Baja, Mexico, San Evaristo, sailing

Date: April 3, 2024

After our final provisioning in La Paz it was time to head north. We passed Isla Espiritu Santo og Isla Partida and headed for the San Evaristo bay on the Baja peninsula. Here is a view of the layered mountains of Baja with interesting clouds:

We stayed in San Evaristo for several days, waiting for some northerly winds to calm down. We were in a very well protected part of the bay with high hills on three sides of us. This bird, probably an osprey, seemed to have its territory on the surrounding hills:

Rocks embedded in the surrounding, more porous rock:

We have seen and heard lots of gulls in the Sea of Cortez. Most of them are yellow-footed gulls, like this one lying on a rock and eyeing us warily:

In the bottom of the bay is a small fishing village, San Evaristo. From there a dirt road leads up into the mountains. We went for a hike one afternoon. On the way up the first hill a statue of a San Evaristo fisherman was erected last year in 2023. Here he is with FĂ©licie in front and the bay in the background:

San Evaristo was the fifth Pope (Pope from AD 99 to 107) and almost nothing is known about him.

View of the dirt road with a flat topped mountain the background:

More dirt road, here looking towards the mountain pass (not really visible) and with a dry river bed to the left of the road:

We stopped for lunch under a small tree:

There is not much shade in Baja.

View of San Evaristo and the mountains seen from Amanda: