More Isla Carmen and Isla Coronados

Tags: Baja, El Refugio, Isla Carmen, Isla Coronados, Mexico, Puerto Ballandra

Date: April 27, 2024

After leaving Bahía Salinas we sailed around the north east corner of Isla Carmen and into a small anchorage called El Refugio. It is a narrowing V-shaped bay with a small beach at the end:

Both sides of the beach has cliffs with small sea caves:

Some of them were large enough for us to take the dinghy into them:

Here we are in the cave looking out towards Amanda at anchor:

The next anchorage was on the south coast of Isla Coronados. Here, we went ashore to hike up the volcano. Here is the view part way up the hill:

There are a lot of plants in Baja and the islands but most of them don't have any leaves this time of year:

Looking back again but further up the volcano:

The top marked by a cairn:

Félicie at the top, unpacking our lunch:

The next day, Randonnée joined us at Isla Coronados:

We both went on to yet another anchorage, now back at Isla Carmen:

Here we all hiked up a nearby hill in the evening sun: