More hiking in Apoala

Tags: Apoala, Mexico, Oaxaca, food

Date: June 9, 2024

On our second day in Apoala, we hiked the other way, so up the valley. This is just at the edge of the village look up the valley:

The river was dry further up, but here it was still flowing:

These mountains are made from limestone and several caves are found in the area. You can see that this rock has been shaped by running water at some point in the past:

In some places, the sides of the valley were completely vertical like here:

Walking up the trail:

FĂ©licie is posing in front of a narrow canyon:

Further up the valley, the landscape was less dramatic, but still interesting:

Many trees around here had lichens growing on them like the Spanish moss we have seen a lot in Florida:

We saw a lot of cactuses too:

Some were pretty big:

Going back down to Apoala through the canyons:

Notice the dirt from water on the rocks at the bottom of the this picture:

Later in the year, the wet season should start end the river will be much higher and apparently also be present here. This year has been exceptionally dry.

In the village, we stayed with a lovely local family. They had trees in the back yard, including this lime tree:

A closeup of a lime:

They also had several avocado trees with lots of avocados on:

Unfortunately they were far from ripe, so we didn't get to taste them. This one still quite small:

A papaya tree:

Looking behind the garden, this corn field also belonged to the family and we were served a "pan de elote" (cake made with fresh corn) made with corn from this field:

The large trees in the background is where the river runs.