More hiking in Basaseachi

Tags: Basaseachi, Chihuahua, Mexico

Date: June 21, 2024

After the big hike to the Basaseachi Waterfall, we took a bit of a more quiet day, hiking down to the river from our cabin:

This section of the river is above the big waterfall.

We still had one more day for a big hike. We went up the mountains along a nice trail in a beautiful forest with lots of big rocks and cliffs:

After a long hike up the mountain, we found a place to take a rest in a pass:

This was the highest point of the day, but not the end of the hard work. Instead of going down the way we came, we headed into the next valley:

The trail is still very nice:

After going down for a while, we got to a dry river bed:

The dry river continued through the forest, but the landscape got gradually wilder:

This is the end of the valley:

Below the middle of the photo, the river runs out into ... nothing. Below that point the water (in the rainy season) falls 459 meters before hitting the bottom of the same canyon that the Basaseachi Waterfall enters.

This is without a doubt Mexicos highest waterfall, but as you can see it is seasonal. It was not until 1995 that the waterfall was measured. The name of the waterfall is "Piedras Volada" meaning "Flying Rocks".

Again, the hike back up was tough. On the way, we found a small cave that somebody put a lot of effort into: